Ryouga Mizoguchi

溝口 涼牙


Mizoguchi Ryouga





Personal Status


Ryouga Mizaguchi is Setsuna's teammate and Touma's younger brother. He is a member of the Retrieval Unit.


He wears a head band over his hair and he is seen wearing a black school jacket. He also wears a red necktie and wears matching black pants and gloves. As for his footwear, he is usually seen wearing sneakers or rubber shoes.


Unlike his older brother, Ryouga has a more calm demeanor and is also observant. Ryouga attacks with cunning strategy and he reacts quickly to his opponent's moves. He is probably well-trained in using his powers as he can project shards of ice and blizzard storms in a quick manner. Again, unlike his older brother, Ryouga attacks with carefully. Ryouga is also smart, he found out Meisa's weakness and produced a plan to defeat her.
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Ryouga, showing his cunning and smart side


Touma Mizoguchi Edit

Touma often orders his younger brother around. Ryouga is shown to just follow what his brother is up to, he is not shown to rebel against him and even followed him around when he said that he'll be disbanding the team. Touma once warned Ryouga about Meisa, signifying that he actually cared for him.

Setsuna ItamiEdit

Ryouga had never disobey his leader, he also never talked back to Setsuna and follows her around. Ryouga is a little bit intimidated by Setsuna's personality as he was shown to awkwardly glare at his brother after Setsuna delivered a cold comeback at him. 

Abilities and PowersEdit

He is able to create ice. He can also shoot shards of the same material and shot out a small cold mist. Ryouga is also shown to possess a technique that is somehow similar in the manner of flash-freeze.


Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 5.58.46 PM

The flash-freeze ability used against Shion


He had worked at SITE-0.

Major BattlesEdit


  • His surname Mizoguchi (溝口) means "a trench opening". His given name Ryouga (涼牙) means "cool fangs".


(To Setsuna and Touma) "She's a failure, just like us. Our emotions all burned up in that hell of a cellar. Something as trivial as being taken prisoner... we were prepared for that."

(To Meisa) "Gotcha."

(To himself) "Haha! I got it! I trapped Meisa Ichikawa's left eye- her motherboard. She can never "reload" again.

(To Setsuna) "Setsuna Itami... You're still alive?"


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