Raise your head. This world is only dark...when you make such a sad face.
— No-Sense to Aoi
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No-Sense is a JAXA facility robot in Planet. He's loaded with an AI so that he can think and act on his own. Gennai later modifies him into a combat robot to help with the Musashino Railway Operation.



No-sense the Combat Robot

No-sense is a humanoid robot that created by Gennai Ishikawa. When No-sense in Planet, he wore a butler outfit. And then, Gennai modified him into a combat robot.


No-sense is a robot that has a great sensitivity. He said, he was named 'No-sense' so that he can have a lot of feelings.


Aoi FukasakuEdit

Aoi no-sense

Aoi hugs No-sense

In the Manga, he deeply cares for Aoi and and accompanies her at all times. During the battle with Shion and Kanon, he also said "I will not allow anyone to bully Miss Aoi" and acts on his free will to protect her (even though his head and arm where broken due to Shion).

Shion OzuEdit

Shion seems to really hate No-sense because No-sense always seems to stop her if she attempts to attack Aoi. Shion eventually attacks and curses at No-sense until he breaks.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Flame ThrowerEdit

He is later re-customized by Gennai into a combat robot, equipping a flame thrower on his right arm.


After the Planet survivors board onto the helicopter, he states to Aoi that he will become a baby sitter robot for the twin babies.

Major BattlesEdit


  • He was teased by Kurobe asking him "you have a crying system?" as No-Sense was seen sobbing when departing with Aoi.


(To Aoi) "I possess deep sensitivity, despite being merely a robot. Yet, I have not once left Planet since my activation. I do not know....the warmth of the sun, or the feeling of the wind upon one's face."

(To Aoi) "That is correct. I am a robot... I am an imitation of a human. That is why I envy you, Miss Aoi. You are able to go outside, to feel the wind."

(To Aoi) "Raise your head. This world is only dark...when you make such a sad face."


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