1st division

The First Division Force

1st Div

A First Division Soldier.

The First Division Force (第一師団?), commonly known as "Ghosts of the JGSDF", are responsible for the defense and rescuing of Tokyo during the nuclear meltdown, but they were abandoned and hold a grudge against the Japanese government.

It is highly possible that the ones that put up the radioactivity signs all over Tokyo are them, as their "territorial marking".

They appear from time to time over the 20 years but has never attacked any survivors in Tokyo.

After discovering the Coppelions, their main objective was to capture them alive so that they can gather nuclear wastes into the Daiba Nuclear Power Plant to spread radiation all over Japan.

Their base is located at Inogashira Park.


  • Howa Type 89 Assault Rifle (anime)
  • M4 Carbine (manga)
  • Browning M2 Heavy Machine Gun
  • Grenades
  • Type 74 Main Battle Tank
  • Unknown armored car