Ether (エーテル?), or Aether, is a "cure-all" medicine and is used to prevent or stave off radiation poisoning. It contains a polymer seal so that no air leaks into a survivor's radiation suit after an injection.


  • It is originally invented and created by Haruto . And handed first to Ibara in the Site Story II.
  • Ether only works for 10 minutes after injection.
  • Ibara explained that they are made from cells collected from the Coppelions, this is however not completely true. It is revealed in chapter 123 that when Coppelion cells are injected into normal human body, 99% of them will soon be destroyed by the human immune system, except for cells from Haruto, because of his super regenerate power . As a result, Ether is actually made from Haruto's Coppelion cells - the "magical finger" of his that was cut and preserved for producing Ethers.
  • Anyone who is injected with Ether will have paler skin color due to the effects of the ion exchangers.
  • Dr. Coppelius did not know such medicine exists until he was told by Meisa , after knowing this he later invents a improved version of the Ether called "Ether+", which has a ten times longer duration of effect and is sixty times more effective than the normal Ether.
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