Episode 9
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Kanji 陽動
Romaji Yōdō
Air Date November 27, 2013
Season 1
Episode 9
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Diversion is the 9th episode of the Coppelion anime. It aired on November 27, 2013.

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With radiation spreading to the Planet in three-two days and preventing the survivors any safe passage out, Ibara and Haruto comes up with an idea to transport the survivors to safety by fixing and using the city's broken Aerial tramway. But knowing the Ozu sisters will be after them once they are free, Ibara forms two team; one team led by her will be a diversion to the Ozu Sisters while the others go and fix the tramways and escape. With Ibuki experiencing more labor pains, Taeko is afraid of delivering the baby until she is contacted by Granny Ayame by radio who will help her deliver Ibuki's baby. As the Coppelions and the survivors prepare to evacuate the Planet for their escape plans, everyone has one last dinner inside the dome where Aoi finally comes out thanks to Mr Nosense. Before they leave, Ibuki asks the Coppelions to rescue one more survivor, the baby's father, who is revealed to be the 1st Division Soldier who helped Aoi escaped. Joined by Aoi and Mr Nosense, Ibara and Haruto heads out to draw out the Ozu sisters while Taeko, Ibuki, Gennai, Oyakata and Gojiro heads to the aerial tramway.

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