Episode 8
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Kanji 姉妹
Romaji Shimai
Air Date November 20, 2013
Season 1
Episode 8
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Sisters is the 8th episode of the Coppelion anime. It aired on November 20, 2013.

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Shion and Kanon Ozu attacks Ibara's entourage, forcing the rest to hide to safety. As Ibara fights the Ozu sisters, the Taeko and rest learns from Haruto who reveals the origins of the Coppelions and the Ozu twins: the Coppelions are actually clones of humans who have died with immunity to radiation and special abilities added into their DNA and the Ozu sisters sadistic behavior is due to the "mother" they were clone from was an actress who was actually a serial killer. Ibara is captured by the Ozu sisters with the help of the Ghosts, revealing they have decided to ally with the Ghosts in their plans because they hate humans but also hate Ibara since their school days. Ibara manages to escaped thanks to a noise grenade and she and her entourage commandeered a tank to escape. With the Ozu sisters chasing them on their motorcycle, Ibara tricks Shion's in using her super strength to hit a liquid hydrogen shell to trap her and shoot a cannon shell at both sisters. While, Shion is knocked out, Kanon isn't and uses her powers of electricity to stun Ibara. Kanon reveals her hatred of humans came after eavesdropping a conversation between Haruto and Onihei that the Coppelions will someday died. With humans using them as dolls, Kanon wants them to die so the Coppelions will be the new dominant race. However, Ibara is unswayed and defeats Kanon by using an electric cable to diffuse her powers. As Ibara leaves the Ozu sisters tied up, Mr Nosense consults Aoi. Later, Haruto and the rest of the survivors at the Planet learn due to the Ozu sisters spreading the barrels of radioactive waste around the city, the radiation is increasing due to an upcoming storm.

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