Episode 7
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Kanji 遥人
Romaji Haruto
Air Date November 13, 2013
Season 1
Episode 7
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Haruto is the 7th episode of the Coppelion anime. It aired on November 13, 2013.

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Haruto and Aoi manages to resuscitate Ibara using a defibrillator and bring her back to the Planet as Ibara is suffering blood loss due to a shrapnel wound. Taeko safely removes the shrapnel and Haruto donates his blood to Ibara as they both have the same blood type. Aoi, blaming herself for Ibara's injuries, locks herself in a storage room. Meanwhile, Haruto interrogates the Commander of the Ghosts who reveals they are collecting radioactive wastes and puttting it all in the abandoned nuclear power plant and explode it, hoping to release a nuclear fallout to the whole country as revenge at the government for abandoning them, which is why they want the Coppelions since the radiations levels at the plant are too high. Despite the Coppelions warnings to Onihei, the government refuses to act while the expo is ongoing, fearing the news will make the Prime Minister lose face to the international community. When Ibuki reveals the baby is coming and the government won't send a medical specialist to deliver the baby until the expo's end, the group heads to a hospital in the center of the capital while Aoi and the Planet are left under care by the robotic caretaker Mr Nosense. While still keeping an eye on the Commander, Haruto tries to contact his teammates, the Ozu Sisters but to no avail. However, the Ozu Sisters appear before Ibara and her entourage after trapping them using barrels of radioactive waste to stop their truck.

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