Episode 6
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Kanji 惑星
Romaji Wakusei
Air Date November 6, 2013
Season 1
Episode 6
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Planet is the 6th episode of the Coppelion anime. It aired on November 6, 2013.

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As Haruto heads to Ibara's location, Aoi gets captured by the Commander of the Ghosts. The Commander demand that the Coppelions join them or they will never see Aoi again. Ibara realizes the Ghosts attack the JAXA survivors in order to lure the Coppelions in a trap to capture them. Ibara and Oyakata heads to the 1st Division base at a park to rescue Aoi where she manages to hold the Commander at gun point and orders him to release Aoi. Unfazed, the Commander dares Ibara to shoot him which she can't which his troops beat her. Ibara is saved when Haruto arrives on his AMV and retrieve the injured Ibara while he is force to leave Aoi behind. As Ibara regains conscious, she and Haruto talk about their past. Thanks to a transmitter he place on Aoi earlier, Ibara, Haruto, Gennai and Oyakata locates Aoi and the Ghosts moving to another base. With the Ghosts stopping to a nearby water treatment plant to retrieve barrels of radioactive waste, Ibara and Haruto begins their plan to rescue Aoi while Gennai and Oyakata distract the troops. However, Ibara is shocked to learn that Haruto and the Mop-Up Team were trained to kill people which she is against. Despite Haruto killing some troops, Ibara hopes to rescue Aoi without killing anyone but is caught by the Commander. To her shock, she learns the 1st Division bodies have mutated and adopted living in the radiation hence they do not fear dying. Ibara tells him she can help him but the Commander orders one of his tanks to shoot them. Aoi manages to escape but she, Haruto, Gennai and Oyakata finds Ibara heavily injured.

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