Episode 5
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Kanji 生命
Romaji Seimei
Air Date October 30, 2013
Season 1
Episode 5
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Life is the 5th episode of the Coppelion anime. It aired on October 30, 2013.

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The Coppelions head to a JAXA facility to rescue the next group of survivors only to encounter a transport driven by Gojiro Kajii and his pregnant daughter Ibuki being attacked by the Ghosts of the 1st Division, a group of JGSDF soldiers who were left behind after Tokyo was sealed off, who have now started attacking other survivors. The Coppelions manage to rescue the Kajii's where they are picked up by their friends from the JAXA facility, Oyakata Kurobe and Gennai Ishikawa in an AMV. Taeko is shot protecting Ibuki and Ibara requests a medevac for the two. However, the Prime Minister, upon learning the remnants of the 1st Division are still alive, refuses to send any rescue until the 1st Division is eliminated. With Onihei unable to help since he has to attend an important government conference that will last three days, Ibara and Aoi decide to stay with the JAXA survivors at their home in the "Planet", a giant dome filled with no-radiated plants and water. Meanwhile, Onihei orders Coppelion Haruto Kurosawa of the Cleaning Unit to help Ibara. In the last scene of the episode, an unknown male student talked to the vice principal to track down Ibara and the others.

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