Episode 13
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Kanji 天使
Romaji Tenshi
Air Date December 25, 2013
Season 1
Episode 13
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fAngel is the 13th and last episode of the Coppelion anime. It aired on December 25, 2013.

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Kanon powers the robot spider with her electricity so she can kill Ibara and the others so she and her sister can die together later despite Shion protests that she is slowly killing herself. As Onihei and his men race to the old capital by helicopter, Ibara defends the train against Kanon's attacks. Ibara tries to reason with Kanon but the latter refuses to listen and hates how the humans created and send them to a contaminated city to die, a world she and her sister don't want to live in. Despite being knocked out by the robot spider's attack, Ibara manages to stop Kanon using Haruto's grenade to blow up a water tower above Kanon. With their robot damaged, Ibara, Aoi and Oyakata rescue Shion. Ibara asks Kanon to come with them but she refuses as there's nothing to live for but Ibara convinces her to live by starting they can learn to become friends. With the Ozu sisters rescued, the survivors continue their journey. Gennai, who is dying from radiation poisoning after rescuing Oyakata, passes away peacefully after finally seeing the sunset on the skyscrapers. Taeko reveals Ibuki's baby was successfully delivered which are revealed to be twins much to everyone's joy. As thanks for rescuing her and Shion, Kanon reveals to Ibara a location where the rescue team may land their copter. With all of the survivors rescued, Aoi, Ibara and Taeko say goodbye to the JAXA survivors but not before giving them a picture of the group before their departure and Ibara naming Ibuki's twins Riku and Sora. As they leave the capital, Onihei reveals a secret about the Coppelions which saddens the survivors. Ibara, Taeko and Aoi continue their mission to rescue more survivors, with Shion and Kanon joining them as well. 

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  • The names Ibara gives Ibuki's children Sora and Riku. Are also the names of the two main protagnists from Kingdom Hearts.

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