Episode 12
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Kanji 約束
Romaji Yakusoku
Air Date December 18, 2013
Season 1
Episode 12
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Promise is the 12th episode of the Coppelion anime. It aired on December 18, 2013.

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The Ozu Sisters and the 1st Division corner Ibara and her team at the train station. Ibara tells them to surrender and join them since they're too injured from their last battle, but Kanon refuses and accuses Ibara for being ignorant on how the humans have treated the Coppelions. When the train arrives, Ibara's team manages to escape the sisters by blowing up the ceiling on top of them with the rest of the 1st Division deciding to join them to escape the storm. Meanwhile, upon learning Ibuki is having difficulties delivering the baby, Taeko decdies to perform a C-section to save both mother and child. Ibara breaks down in tears upon learning of Haruto's death but Aoi consoles her for the sake of all the survivors as they still need to help them escape from the capital. Ibara thanks Aoi and tells the survivors to get in the radioactive proof railcar as the train will enter a wall of radioactive fog. Elsewhere, Shion survives the ruble from the ceiling. She cries to Kanon the pain is unbearable, hating the fact they were born with these powers and begs her sister to kill her but Kanon refuses. The train manages to get out of the radioactive area but the survivors celebration is short lived when a mad Kanon chases after them with the robot spider.

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