Episode 11
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Kanji 覚醒
Romaji Kakusei
Air Date December 11, 2013
Season 1
Episode 11
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Awakening is the 11th episode of the Coppelion anime. It aired on December 11, 2013.

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As the robot spider chases after the team, Ibara and Haruto hold off the Ozu Sisters while Aoi climbs on the robot spider to open up it's underbelly hatch to expose it's engine and destroy it. However, the Ozu Sisters manage to beat Haruto and Ibara and Kanon shoots a electrical bolt on Aoi. But Aoi suddenly floats and absorbs Kanon's electricity and destroys the robot spider. With Ibara injured and Aoi unconscious after the battle, Haruto decides to go and help the repair team while promising a worried Ibara he will come back. After helping helping Gojiro fix the substation, Haruto and Gojiro head back only to encounter Kunikida who shoots Haruto. Kunikida explains his hatred of humanity was born after his best friend Natsume, who was then Minister of Defense during the meltdown, abandoned him and 1st Division. Oyakata rescues Haruto and Gojiro and leaves Kunikida alive after Haruto begs him to spare the Commander. With the power to the train restored and the storm coming, Haruto and the rest of the Repair team speed up the train. Noticing a lamp post is about to fall into their path, a seriously injured Haruto jumps out to stop it falling and tells the rest to get the other survivors. With the help of Kunikida, they are able to stop the lamp post from falling on the train. With no escape from the storm, Kunikida thanks Haruto for reminding him of his humanity while Haruto succumbs to his wounds before saying goodbye to Ibara.

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