Puppet (Coppelion)
Episode 1
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Kanji 人形 (コッペリオン)
Romaji Ningyo (Kopperion)
Air Date October 2, 2013
Season 1
Episode 1
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Puppet (Coppelion) is the 1st episode of the Coppelion anime. It aired on October 2, 2013.

Short SummaryEdit

The Coppelion Medic Unit arrive at Tokyo and save their first survivor.

Long SummaryEdit

The Coppelion Medic unit, composed of Ibara Naruse, Aoi Fukasaku, and Taeko Nomura, are three teenage girls who have been genetically engineered to be immune to nuclear radiation, are sent to an abandoned and contaminated Tokyo after the JGSDF receives a distress signal from the city. After finding a survivor, who is dying from high levels of radiation, Ibara chooses to save the man and gives him a cure despite orders from her superior officer and vice-principal, Colonel Onihei Mishima, not to do anything. After the survivor is airlifted to safety, Aoi and Taeko questions themselves are they even human which Ibara assures they are. The next day, as the Coppelions continue to search the distress signal, Onihei shows a live news show the power plant that caused the nuclear meltdown. While Taeko goes to befriend a wild dog, Ibara and Aoi discover a survivor's body who died by suicide, only to be attacked by a feral wolf. After tranquilizing the wolf, Ibara and Aoi fears the dog Taeko befriended might be feral as well and goes to rescue her. Arriving at the scene, they find a trail of blood.

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