Let's go. It's time for cleaning.
— Haruto Kurosawa
The Cleaning Unit (掃除係?),
The Cleaning Unit
also know as the Clean-up crew. Ibara Naruse initially assumed that they were sent to Tokyo to  decontaminate radioactive wastes in Tokyo. But it was revealed later by Kanon that their main mission is that they were ordered to "clean up" (kill and dispose) Coppelions that are defects - the 2nd year students. There are 3 members in the group, one male and two female. They mainly contact through channel 3 on the radio.

Compared to other units , this unit has the most weapon and military resources. While most of them have each of their own preferred weapons, they have and use various types of weapons and also rode on different type of armored vehicles through out the story. 

The first job of this unit in Tokyo is the burial of the three dead members of the Exploration Unit.

A common catchphrase all members of this unit likes to use is
"it's time for cleaning".